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 While the parents are away [Canadian]

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PostSubject: While the parents are away [Canadian]   While the parents are away [Canadian] - Page 2 EmptyMon Feb 24, 2020 11:51 pm

Nova stood and watched as her parents walked out the door, leaving her alone with her older brother. Of course, she was upset that they refused to bring her along on their trip. But they told her that their trip was to celebrate their marriage, so they wanted to celebrate it without her being there. So, her older brother came to town to keep watch over her while they were gone. The young omega exhaled softly, tail twitching in irritation before trailing to her room to get things together for school. The cougar had just started sophomore year of high school. It was just a step up from being a freshman, but she was still at the bottom of the food chain.

Finishing up any homework she had, Nova packed her work in her bag and tossed it beside her bed. The room eventually started to grow hot. Hot to the point where she decided to change into loose clothes to try and air herself out. Her ears perked at how wet her panties were getting, wondering what exactly was going on. She changes her panties thinking she wet herself, greatly embarrassed by it. Rushing off to the bathroom to toss the pair if garments into the dirty clothes, not wanting to worry about them anymore. Nova exhaled and stepped down to the kitchen to grab an ice pack. Worried that she was getting sick. "Big bro, am I getting sick? Everything just feels so hot and my head aches.." She asked her older sibling, standing by him as he lounged at the kitchen table.
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While the parents are away [Canadian]
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