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 Work Partners? {Raptor}

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PostSubject: Work Partners? {Raptor}   Work Partners? {Raptor} - Page 3 EmptySun Feb 23, 2020 4:45 am

Caspian let out deep barks and he growled as he was held back by a leash during training. Caspian was a tall muscular purebred rottweiler trained by the police force, he was used in take downs and any calls involving dangerous suspects. The canine snarled as he surged forward when he was given his command, he launched himself up and snapped his jaws around the padding on the arm of the trainer, he shook his head violently and snarled as he tugged at the padding. Caspian released immediately when given the command and he returned to his trainer, he jumped up when his tire toy was thrown to him and he caught it before thrashing his head again. The rottweiler looked up as a leash was clipped to his leather collar and he was lead away from the training field, the male sat when commanded and he watched as his leash was handed off to another officer, "Take his attitude with a grain of salt, he's crazy about his work, just keep his mind working and he shouldn't be too much of a problem, if not make him somewhere that it's okay for him to go wild in" Caspian's trainer told the officer, "And he loves tires, might want to find some old car tires or something for him to chew on" He chuckled.
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Work Partners? {Raptor}
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