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 Street Life [Pafp]

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It was just like any other day for Dagger. Maintaining his territory was a cinch, no one dared to cross paths with him or mess with him. He was the most feared cat on the street. It came with a few downsides, sure. But the positives greatly outweighed the negatives.

Today, a nice surprise stumbled onto his turf. A rather gorgeous looking she-cat to be exact. Dagger had been looking for a nice cat to make his toy. So, why not take the offer while he had the chance? Stepping forward, he watched the cat cower back in fright. "What's the hurry little lady? There's no need to be afraid, we welcome newcomers." The tom purred, taking a few steps forward to observe the cat before him. Noticing the collar that she bore around her neck.

Dagger carefully paced around her, circling her like prey. "You seem to be far from home, kitten. I'm sure you're paws are rather sore from all the walking. Why not stay a while? We can make you comfortable until you have to head home." He offered, moving his ragged pelt against her soft one. Feeling his balls clench in excitement, eager to mount the she-cat and breed her into his bitch. Then she wouldn't want to ever leave.

The large, dark tabby curled his tail around her and stepped forward. "Come, my dear. Let me show you a place to rest." Dagger purred, leading her along through a hole. Taking her to where his nest was. Each step towards his nest caused his cock to unsheathe in excitement.
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PostSubject: Street Life [Pafp]   Street Life [Pafp] EmptySun Feb 23, 2020 1:51 am

Street Life [Pafp] 209yAVVoXEuXpphbJfXIZYjTWyQsflc92z-7hA9aMdbZMAUGCEUSwwIa09lT65mn02h8az-Y_AI4bkDFWxIUlDLq

It was just a normal day for Lily; she would wake, say goodbye to her family as they left for their respective jobs, then head out to explore. Her owners built a doggie door for her to use so she could return into the house whenever she pleased. Mostly because they didn't want her to remain locked outside when they were gone. Lily flicked her tail as she slipped out into the backyard of her home. Her neighborhood was small and rather compact. Just jumping up onto the fence allowed her to jump into the other yard. The she-cat remained perched on the fence. Turning her head to groom at her brown pelt. Tail curling and swaying as she stood and walked along the fence. Deciding to jump down and explore beyond her neighborhood.

Lily walked along, slipping into the streets of the city. Her collar jingling with each movement as she travelled along. Sticking close to the buildings, being mindful of the humans that walked down the street. Not wanting to get stepped on because they weren't watching where they were going. The she-cat emitted a content trill as she explored around the city. Eventually making her way down an alleyway, ears folding back at the sounds that traveled around her. Lily jumped when she heard voices behind her, whipping around to see a rather large tom. Swallowing and shifting herself down, ears remaining back against her head. "I.. I was just about to leave. Sorry for disturbing anything-" the cat trailed off. Backing up in an effort to get away. Only to back herself up against a fence, eyes remaining on the tom looming before her.
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Street Life [Pafp]
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