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 Smutty goidness~

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Smutty goidness~ Empty
PostSubject: Smutty goidness~   Smutty goidness~ EmptySun Feb 23, 2020 1:18 am

Hi! My name is StarRaptor, but Raptor would be just fine! Decided to search for some new roleplay sites and stumbled upon this one here! So, I joined to see what fun I could have with those on this site~

Notes: I only do MxF roleplays. The others are okay, but my muse just falls whenever I do them. And I mostly play the female, I'm not good with playing male characters. Sorry-

With that quick note aside, here are some pairings that I'm interested in doing!
Son x Mother
Brother x Sister 
Teacher x Student
Bully x Victim
Kidnapper x Victim
Dog x Owner
Furry x Human
Furry x Animal
(And others that we could add!)

With that, I'd love to see if anyone is interested! I'm eager for roleplays~  Very Happy
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Smutty goidness~
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