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 Tight-Knit Family [~Canadian~Bacon~]

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PostSubject: Tight-Knit Family [~Canadian~Bacon~]   Tight-Knit Family [~Canadian~Bacon~] - Page 2 EmptySat Feb 01, 2020 8:13 am

Miles stared out the window, elbow propped up on the door of the car as they drove. They had gotten paranoid with other people finding out about their relationship. Especially his husband, Chase. They had neighbors all around them living in the big city, so he wouldn't be surprised at all if someone found out about the relationship they shared, especially with their child. Miles glanced to the rearview mirror, gazing at their son. Watching as he kept himself busy in the back seat. "Do you have any idea how long it will be before we arrive to this new mystery house you've been insistently talking about?" He asked, glancing over to the canine as he drove them. "Well, it shouldn't be long now. I think another hour or so." He responded with a gruff voice, rather tired from how long they've been on the road. Miles just exhaled in response and went back to looking out at the scenery they passed.

When Chase pulled up to the house, he moved a hand down to nudge at his lover's leg. Watching as he blinked his eyes awake, groaning at being woken. "We're here, sweetheart. We should get out and start getting things into the house. I doubt you'd want to deal with it tomorrow." The canine chuckled, climbing out of the vehicle. Miles just rolled his eyes and unbuckled to step out. Looking about at the decently sized house. Deciding to check it out while his son and husband worked to unload. Chase looked to his son, patting his shoulder. "Come on, lets start getting these things into the house. Your mother would throw a fit to see us slacking off." The dog chuckled. Stepping into the trailer to start unloading it. Dealing with the larger items first.
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Tight-Knit Family [~Canadian~Bacon~]
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