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 The Search [Private] For Hidden Fortune

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PostSubject: The Search [Private] For Hidden Fortune   The Search [Private] For Hidden Fortune - Page 2 EmptyFri Nov 15, 2019 9:54 am

After his last fling, Skyler had learned some good information. The alpha had spoken of this wealthy man having a special artifact, peaking his interests. Once he was finished with that alpha, he left to find out where this man was. Upon finding where he lived, he stood outside and adjusted himself. Despite having a thin, lithe figure, he knew how to handle things if a situation got out of hand. Sure, he was a slut, but not so far to the point where he ignored things that could aid or hurt him.

Once he fixed himself up, he ran a hand through his hair and walked up to the guards. Flirting with them until they allowed him inside. He thanked them with a wink and a blow kiss. When he entered the building, he searched for the man. Making sure to find him, noticing that the artifact was in the room as well. At first, he was threatened, but he eased the older alpha and decided to ride him to put him at ease. He wanted to wear him down before he snatched the artifact. After the alpha came and knotted him, he turned his head to where the artifact had been. Nearly growling as he noticed that it was missing. When the alpha's knot shrank, he rose off of him and kissed him. Telling him he would see him sometime later. As he left, he noticed someone sneaking around. Following after him.

When the alpha was out and away from the building, he decided to confront him. He purred and pressed his shoulder against the other's own. "Hey there, sir. You seem to be a little tense. I can help you relax," he rumbled. Light green eyes focused on him. "Since you're a cutie, this one is on me. But next time I wont be so willing." He cooed, eyes fixed on him. Hand moving up to brush through his brown hair. Resting his hands on his hips, feeling the artifact against his fingers. Knowing well he needed to get it somehow. "That is, if you'll let me." He grinned, moving a hand down to his crotch.
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The Search [Private] For Hidden Fortune
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