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 Kidnapped [private]

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PostSubject: Kidnapped [private]   Kidnapped [private] - Page 6 EmptyMon Aug 26, 2019 8:08 pm

Vincent hadn't really been popular within his school. He was always bullied and pushed around. He was young and hadn't gone through his first heat. So the bullies told him that he would never find a mate because his body was messed up. One day, the bullies dragged him to the woods, telling him that if he could survive the night and come out the next day, he would be popular. So, Vinny took that offer and trudged through the woods. He walked along, looking up as the sky darkened. He was indeed excited to emerge from the woods as victorious. He would show them that he wasn't a pussy.

Walking along, he stiffened up as he heard twigs cracking. Looking around, alarmed that something else was with him. He soon told. Himself to run, afraid of being caught as something's meal. Vincent gasped as he hit his head against the tree as he tripped. Going unconscious.

The young omega opened his eyes as he looked around, noticing everything was blurry. The omega looked around frantically, noticing he was in a house. A whimper left the blond, blue eyes trying to figure out where he was. "Wh.. Where am I?" He whinpered, squirming where he sat. Wanting to leave and go home.
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Kidnapped [private]
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