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 The Zoo [Pafp]

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Name: Samuel
Age: 18
Gender: male
Species: feline/calico
Appearance: is about two and a half feet tall. The lower half of his body is the anatomy of a cat, while his upper body is human. His fur is medium length and neat. His hair is short, mostly on the sides. His longer, top hair curls slightly. His eyes are a light blue.

Sam had been born on the streets. His mother refused to live with humans, so along the way she met his father. They had a litter and he was one of them. Unlike his siblings, he had remained a street cat. To be honest, he liked the freedom this life had. He could do whatever he wished.

Prowling down an alley, he looked around for a place to jump to. He shifted into a crouch and hopped up onto a trashcan, leaping up to where the fence was. He gazed out, blinking at what he saw.

It looked like a zoo, but the zoo had animals like him. His ears twitched in thought, wondering if he should go down and explore. His curiosity got the best of him and he jumped down, the stars shining above and helping him by lighting the way into the zoo. Samuel looked about, excited by all these new scents. He had never seen anything like this before, only used to dogs and other cats.

Samuel came to an enclosure, hopping up onto the flat surface and peered inside. Looking around to see if there was any animal left inside. He gave a soft murr, calling out. When he got no answer, he shifted and jumped down into the enclosure.

The feline sniffed around, ears flicking as he listened around him. His body arched up when he heard noises. Whipping around and head snapping around frantically in an attempt to see who was close by. On edge and ready to flee in case he needed to.
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The Zoo [Pafp]
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