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 Ideas that I am craving

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Ideas that I am craving Empty
PostSubject: Ideas that I am craving   Ideas that I am craving EmptyFri May 31, 2019 2:12 am

So, there are a few ideas that I am craving. So I'm going to place them here and see who'll bite!
Also, some are just random ideas that I've pulled out of my ass. So there is still quite a bit of adding that needs to be done.


  • An omega has been using things to mask who he really is. One day, at school, he finds a new student that mesmerizes him. The alpha is a new student to the school and is interested in the omega. But is confused in regards to him not smelling like an omega.
  • an onega goes to his alpha brother's house for the summer. Ends up in heat while with him.
  • a werecat ends up trapped within a pack of werewolves. So the alpha uses him as a toy.
  • supernatural school where mc meets yc. Idk XD
  • omega goes into heat while with a group of friends and they breed him.

*more to come!!*
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Ideas that I am craving
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