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 //Uncharted Territory// (PAFP)

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PostSubject: //Uncharted Territory// (PAFP)   Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:12 pm

((Spottedfeather travels to a new piece of land which hadn't been explored by clan cats. She gets captured by a male cat group being used as a sex toy and for kittens.))

Spottedfeather walked slowly over the trail. She had heard that there was an unexplored area beyond the clans. She wanted to see if there was another group of cats that were like them. The she-cat yowled as a cat jumped onto her. Grabbing her scruff and pinning her down to the ground. A group of males came out, watching the two. "Look at her, she is a beauty. I'm sure our leader would love to have her." One cat growled happily, dragging Spottedleaf to a small clearing. Of course, there were other she-cats. But they looked to be slaves, since they had collars and leashes. She was pushed to the clearing, ears flat as the cats watched her. "Come on, gorgeous. Show off those nice folds you have," one cat cooed. Licking at her pelt, stopping as the leader of the group walked over to where they were.
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//Uncharted Territory// (PAFP)
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