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 Brotherly Bonding //Pafp, OPEN, Alpha needed//

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PostSubject: Brotherly Bonding //Pafp, OPEN, Alpha needed//   Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:55 am

Jamie had been orphaned at the age of six when his parents got into a freak accident. They crashed their car, killing them instantly. Since then, he's been jumping from house to house in a desperate search to find the perfect family. Of course, since he was an omega, it's been hard for him to remain in houses. Some of the parents would even try to fuck him, it got that bad. But, arriving at his new home, he didn't think he would have that problem. When he was welcomed, he walked in and thanked his new parents. What surprised him was when they introduced their alpha son. This should be fun, it would be hard to live with an alpha. Especially when he didn't smell another omega on him.

The parents decided it would be a good idea to go out on their own little date. When they left, he sat down to watch some television up in his new room. How would his new alpha brother react to him being around? What about when he goes into heat? A quiet groan of complaint left him as he rested his head back. Pulling out a photograph, he stared at it for the longest time. It was a picture of him and an alpha together. He had a crush on him, but he never told him about it. Though, he wished he did. They would be together and happy if he would have just said something. But, alas, he had to find a different alpha. Sighing, he slumped down and decided to change his clothes. When he pulled his clothing off, he wrapped something around him when h heard a knock on his door. Opening it, he noticed it was his adoptive brother. "Hey, what're you doing up?" He asked, hand moving up to rub at his own neck.
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Brotherly Bonding //Pafp, OPEN, Alpha needed//
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