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 I'm no female (pafp]

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PostSubject: I'm no female (pafp]   Sun 20 May 2018 - 22:34

Spottedpelt had been seen as a female for his whole life. His parents were astonished to find that he was a tortoiseshell male instead of being a female. So, to not confuse him with other males, they made sure to teach him how to act like a female. His parents made sure his siblings knew, making sure they addressed him as a she-cat. When he was able to go off, he tried his best to just brush off everything he ever learned from them. He walked along, noticing there was a house with a fence around the backyard. He jumped up and looked over the edge, checking around for any dogs that could be in the area. What he didn't notice was another cat, he jumped down and emitted soft chirps and murrs as he went along. Not noticing the cat that was watching him. 

Plot; m/c is a male tortoiseshell, which is extremely rare. His parents don't like that he is a male and decides to make him act like a female. When he goes off on his own, he goes into y/C's garden. Your cat takes him in and you can decide what your cat does to mine.
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I'm no female (pafp]
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