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 Now you're mine [Pafp]

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PostSubject: Now you're mine [Pafp]   Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:07 pm

((Jeremy is an anthro that is anslave to a rich man. He is used both as a sex toy and a servant. Your character is a wild anthro who ends up at the house. He spots Jeremy and decides to make him his own. Jealous of the human getting to do so.))

Jeremy, a pale grey and white anthro cat, had found himself living with a human. Especially being bought by him. It was hard living with the human, since he never really understood why they were so needy and had tons of emotions. He had himself settled on the floor, curled up nearly as he was perfectly comfortable where he was. Perking up as he heard his master call, giving off a slight noise as he shifted up and made his way to where his master was. Ears flicking as he tilted his head. Watching as the male moved over and pulled him close. Squeaking as he felt his masters member enter him slowly. Finding himself being slightly shoved on the table as his master bucked into him. Letting off soft mewls at each and every thrust. "Mm, good kitten" he heard his master moan. Grabbing at the base of his tail as he continued thrusting. Jeremy kneaded at the table, slightly drooling as he struggled to regain himself. Hearing the human behind him moan as he felt hot liquid shoot up inside him. "Fuck yeah, take it all kitten" the male groaned. Slightly bucking his hips as he emptied himself out into him. Soon pulling out and moving to go back to bed. The anthro stayed settled against the table as he quivered and struggled to regain himself. Moving from the table, he made his way over to the window to settle down by there. Perking up as he noticed he was face with another anthro. And in which it seemed greedy and horny. Squeaking a he flattened his ears a bit. But calmed down as he knew well the anthro couldn't find a way in. So he was sure he was okay.
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Now you're mine [Pafp]
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